Minted Pea Shooters with Creme Fraiche and Crostini

Minted-Pea-Shooters-with-Creme-Fraiche-and-Crostini30g butter
1 onion
2 small waxy potatoes
400g fresh or frozen peas
500mils veg stock
A good bunch of fresh mint stalks removed
150g crème fraiche
Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper

Melt butter and cook the peeled and chopped onion with the peeled and small diced waxy potatoes. When turning soft on the outside, pour over the stock and simmer until very tender. Next add the frozen peas and fresh mint and continue to simmer for two minutes, then with a stick blender blend until very smooth. Season to taste and add the crème fraiche to add richness. Serve chilled or warm or as a canapé alternative before a summer party or BBQ . For the crostini, cut a baguette into long strips and run with olive oil, garlic, thyme and sea salt. Bake in a moderate oven until crisp and golden. Allow to cool before serving.